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Chair: Gro Wiedswang

12.00-12.05: Leader NGICG / NFGK: Welcome

12.05-12.20: LS Nymo (UNN): Colon resections in Norway; national short term results (NORGAST/ NPR)

12.20- 12.35: P Gjessing (UNN): Five years with rectal resection registration in Norway (NORGAST/NPR)

12.35-13.00:  J Primrose (Southampton,UK): Follow-up after resected colorectal cancer. The do’s and don’ts and the evidence

13.00-14.10:  LUNCH

14.10 -14.45: Lennart Blomquist (Karolinska ): MRI examination and rectal cancer

14.45- 15.10: M G Guren (OUS): Radiotherapy regimens in rectal cancer in Norway and Sweden

15.10-15.25: H Kørner /G Wiedswang: The Watch and wait study in local advanced rectal cancer

15.25- 15.40: Ole Christian Olsen (Vestre Viken) : Trans anal (ta) TME

15.40- 16.00: COFFEE BREAK

16.00- 16.20: Torbjørn Holm (Karolinska): Rectal surgery; beyond TME

16.20-16.30: Stig Norderval (UNN)? : Robotic Surgery and rectal cancer

16.30- 16.55: Torbjørn Holm (Karolinska) : Surgical treatment of pelvic  local recurrence in rectal cancer

16.55-17.00: Ole Sjo (OUS): summing up


Chair: Kristoffer Lassen, Håvard Loung Thorsen

09.00-09.05: Eva Hofsli (St. Olav): Welcome

09.05-09.25: Pathologist : Molecular markers in CRC

09.25-09.45: Radiologist: Radiology in liver metastasis

09.45-10.15: J Primrose (Southampton,UK): Liver metastases in CRC cancer

10.15-10.45: COFFEE BREAK

10.45-11.05: Halfdan Sørbye (HUS)(ev Dueland): Advances in chemotherapy in colorectal liver metastasis

11.05-11.25: JH Angelsen (HUS): Liver resections in Norway, resection rates and survival

11.25-11.45: KW Brudvik (OUS): Liver surgery in the octagenarians  

11.45-12.00: K Lassen (OUS): Short term outcome after 2000 liver resections in Norway  (NORGAST/NPR)

12.00-13.15: LUNCH

13.15-13.30: S Yacub (OUS): The ASA-C study as secondary prophylaxis after resected CR liver metastases

13.30- 13.45: Aa Fretland (OUS): Update of surgical techniques and liver metastases (IRE, HIA, TACE, RFA, SBRT)

13.45-14.00: Bjørn Atle Bjørnbeth (OUS): Choosing the winners:  indications for liver surgery 15’

14.00-14.30: Pål Dag Line (OUS): Liver transplantation in metastatic CRC

14.30-14.45: K Lassen (OUS): Summing up and closure


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